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Hilarious! Man Breaks Into Tesco And Performs ‘Baby Shark’

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A man stormed into Tesco and performed ‘Baby Shark’ in front of people who were surprised and shocked to see the act.

That’s not all, to make it weird, the man was doing all this wearing hot pants, a small vest, sunglasses, and a Russian style hat. The man we are talking about is Lee Marshall, who is also known as DiscoBoy.

His website describes him as “the new social media sensation” and to be fair, he does have an awful lot of followers on social media. As it happens, his ‘DiscoBoy Baby Shark Supermarket Edition’ video has been viewed more than 110,000 times at last glance.

He has in fact made a profession of it and appears in strange places dressed in this fashion and dancing to his small mobile disco speaker.

Even the staff joined him and started to dance, instead of asking him to stop.


Source Lad Bible

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