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Daughter Makes Sure Mother Bids Goodbye To Her Illustrious Career With An Emotional Final Day At Work

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It is an amazing story of a female pilot who served for almost four decades. However, the last day of her work went viral as it was an emotional day.

Ashrrita, a pilot for Air India, shared a pic of her mother’s last day of work which attracted people’s attention.

She said: “It was my mom’s dream to have me pilot her last flight as an Air Hostess with Air India. As she retires after her glorious 38 years of service, i will be carrying on her legacy.”

Ashrrita even shared a video which showed her mother receiving a round of applause from passengers as she took a walk through the aisle.

She tweeted: “For all of you who asked… That’s mom on her last flight as on operating cabin crew for @airindian what a lovely day and what amazing passengers! So many best wishes and hugs. Of course I was in the flight deck #proud #grateful”

As expected, people were touched by the gesture. Marcelo Claure, for example, retweeted the pilot’s post, and said: “What a special retirement gift from daughter to mother! I’m sure your mother is very happy – and proud that you are carrying on the family’s passion.”

Another netizen wrote: “I am so happy after reading this Ashrrita, it brought such a big smile on my face. I haven’t known you much but this tweets makes me so proud of you and I can imagine how happy and proud of your mother would have been. More power to you now and always, girl.”

Don’t you think it’s an amazing gesture?

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