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Woman Learns A Lesson Via Karma After Refusing To Sit Next To A Baby On Plane

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When it comes to karma, you only get what you give. This lady learnt it the hard way on a plane when she refused to sit beside a crying baby.

Susan Peirez thought she was a cut above the rest since she was an US government employee. However, a flight attendant showed her the actual reality. It all started when Susan realized she would be sitting next to Marissa Rundell and her baby during the flight.

The rude woman not only demanded for a different seat, but also shouted at the mother and her son. Marissa and her son, Mason, were travelling from JFK to Syracuse.

Marissa who filmed the incident and posted it on FB, said: “She came to the back and slammed her bags down. She said ‘this is f—ridiculous. It’s bulls – having to sit in the back of the plane.’”

As any concerned parent, Marissa asked her to stop cussing around her son. But, Susan replied harshly, and said, “shut the fu** up and shove it.”

When things began to heat up, a flight attendant intervened and asked what the problem was. When Susan demanded for a different seat, the flight attendant asked her to sit down and said, “You were screaming at a woman and her baby.”

In order to have some authority, Susan mentioned that she worked for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. When the flight attendant tried to calm her down, the woman tried to use her power and asked the employee for her name.

The staff said her name was Tabitha and even provided Susan her badge number. Then, Susan threatened her that Tabitha may not have her job tomorrow.

However, the flight attendant gave a damn to her threat and saw it as an opportunity and considered Susan a disruptive passenger. She called in the security and told them to get her off the plane.

Susan has been put on leave since then. She then pointed that she needed to be on that flight and apologized to Tabitha. However, it was too little, too late, as she was escorted off the plane for her conduct.

Watch the video below:

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