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Strangers Support Teacher With $530 After They Got To Know About Her Poor Students

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A first-grade teacher in Chicago was pleasantly surprised during her flight to Florida. She was actually visiting her parents when the amazing thing happened. As she was travelling she started to have a conversation with her fellow passenger and spoke her work as a teacher and the challenges she has to face.

Kimber Bermudez, the teacher, said that it was a ‘heartbreaking’ experience to work at a low income school. However, when she was about to leave the plane, she received $500 from other passengers. Apparently, they overheard her story and couldn’t stop themselves from helping.

The strangers wanted to help the students with their donation. In a lengthy FB post, Kimber wrote:

Like any other news today, it went viral and was even covered by different news sources. People appreciated the teacher and her efforts.

Lucy Jane commented: “I am typing this through the tears. There are still kind hearted people in this world. You would think such a rich and powerful country that America is teachers would not have to buy supplies for their schools out of their own pockets. Well done young lady you are a true hero.”

Carole MacQuestion said: “As a retired HS teacher of 35 years, this story touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes! There are still good people out there who understand the plight of teachers due to our underfunded schools! Bless these men for their generosity and kindness!”

Meanwhile, Bermudez will be using the money to buy books, backpacks and school supplies for her students.

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