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Man Deploys Dangerous Electric Fence Because He Wanted To Keep Children Away From His Lawn

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A man in Virginia was so pissed off with children that he decided to install an electric fence to keep them off his lawn.

Bryan Tucker’s property is adjacent to a bus stop and according to him the children don’t respect other people’s land.

“I pick up trash every day,” he said, and added that he was tired of youngsters fighting and swearing as they waited for the bus.

The trespassing signs did not help in any manner as children ignored it all the way. Therefore, he took it to the next level and installed an electric fence. However, anyone who touches it will just get a jolt.

“I touched it, I got a slight shock, it wasn’t that great,” said James Mehfoud, an area homeowner.

Tucker said he resorted to the extreme measure because “nothing stops people” and he was intent on protecting his property.

“I’m not in charge of other people’s children. I’m not directing people’s children what to do. All I can do is protect myself and that’s why I’ve got a fence up,” Tucker told.

An area homeowner expressed sympathy for Tucker’s predicament, but suggested he had gone too far.

“I understand his concern,” Mehfoud said. “I just don’t think he understood the neighbors’ concern about their kids. One of them could touch it, fall into it and get shocked.”

Meanwhile, the parents are concerned that their children might get injured and called the police to handle the issue.

“That’s a little too extreme,” an unnamed parent told. “I mean, you’re going to let the kids get electrocuted? That’s not cool.”

Tucker said he was pleased with the attention his unconventional move had received.

“The message has gotten across,” Tucker told. “Parents are posting and talking about it.”

However, the fence was later removed because it was not in the right place. “I went ahead and moved it today because it was not in the right place,” he told.

It turns out he had erected the fence not on his own property, but on county land. The officials told that he will be allowed to put up his fence, only if it stands on his own property.

Source The Epoch Times

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