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Elderly Man Enjoys His Favourite Ice Cream On His Final Trip To Hospital Thanks To Paramedics

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The man was seen enjoying his ice cream sundae on what was to be his final journey to the hospital. Ron was on his way to hospital in Queensland Ambulance, Australia. During the trip, the paramedics stopped by to buy him an ice cream.

His wife Sharon had called an ambulance for what was to be her husband’s final journey to the hospital and palliative care.

She told them that Ron hadn’t eaten anything over the past two days, the paramedics – Kate and Hanna – decided to treat him in their own special way.

When asked what he would eat if could choose anything in the world, Ron responded “A caramel sundae” – and the two heroes went out of their way to get him one.

In the Facebook post, Queensland Emergency Services reveal that they were “left humbled and tinged with sadness” after receiving “a message of gratitude” from Sharon regarding the act of kindness extended to her husband.

They highlighted how her message “emphasised the enjoyment Ron received such a simple action and thanked paramedics for the swift and high level of care and compassion shown to him.”

However, when the post was shared, Ron and Sharon’s daughter Danielle commented on it to share the sad news that her father had unfortunately passed away.

Nevertheless, the care extended to him meant the world to the family.

She said, “Mum and I cannot thank QAS enough for all the help and compassion you have all given towards us each time we have had to call you.

“I remember a couple of months ago … we couldn’t get dad out of bed, and couldn’t get the gurney near their bed so you picked him up and carried him out the front onto the bed.”

The post currently has 16,000 likes and has been shared almost 2,000 times by people no doubt sniffling as hard as we are right now over the story.

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