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Amazing! Waitresses Surprise Deaf Boy By Singing Birthday Song In Sign Language

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In a heart-warming act, two waitresses made the little boy’s day after they sing him a birthday song in sign language. The boy who happens to be deaf was understandably happy with the kind gesture.

Octavius Mitchell Jr was out on dinner with his mother and uncle in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. It was also his fourth birthday by the way.

Meanwhile, one of the waitresses, Kathryn Marasco, noticed the boy’s mother Shatika Dixon signing to her young son.

“I’m sitting there and I’m watching from a distance, and the mom is signing to the little boy which is when I noticed he had his hearing aids,” she said.

She then approached her colleague Brandie White, who was enrolled on a speech-language pathology and audiology class at Middle Tennessee State University, and asked if she knew how to say ‘happy birthday’ in sign language.

The two browsed the internet to find out how to do it and gave an amazing surprise to the young boy.

Kathryn said: “She comes up to me and says, ‘Kat, I found a YouTube video of how to sign happy birthday.'”

She said they sat down together and it took them just ‘two seconds’ to learn it.

Understandably, Octavius’s mother Shatika said she was extremely grateful to the pair for their special treatment of her son.

She said: “Everybody thinks we’re crazy when we’re out talking and we’re signing.

“So it’s really important to me that someone noticed that and picked up on that and made that special just for him, my baby.”

She added that it’s the first time her son had communicated in sign language with anyone other than herself and his teacher.

Waitress Brandie was humble about her actions, saying it was just part of her job: “As a server I want you to be able to come in, I want to be like, ‘Oh this is my home. I belong here.'”

Watch the video below:


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