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11 Y0 Girl Becomes Internet Superstar Despite Suffering From Extremely Rare Condition

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An 11-year-old girl has taken the internet by storm because of her cheery nature and self-described ‘diva’ personality. Despite her extremely rare condition, which makes her age rapidly, the little girl is full of life.

Adalia Rose, from Austin, Texas, has more than 170 million views on YouTube and over 14 million likes on her FB page. She posts video made with her mom and dad, which exhibits her infectious personality.

The girl suffers from Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome (HGPS), which affects less than 500 people worldwide. It is characterised by symptoms of accelerated ageing, as well as dwarfism, lack of body fat and muscle, loss of hair, visible veins, a high-pitched voice and abnormal facial formation.

Sadly, people with this type of progeria hardly live past 13 years.

Adalia’s mother, Natalia Pallante, says: “I just told her ‘you’re born different. That’s just who you are.’ And she owns it.”

Since starting her Facebook page, Adalia has accumulated a huge following.

Natalia says: “In the beginning, when we first started her Facebook, it was just for giggles.

“Now she has like 14 million followers on Facebook, and all of her [1.1 million] subscribers on YouTube.”

And Adalia adds: “I love to do YouTube videos for my fans, because I love them, I guess.”

Her father Ryan says: “Having a social media superstar 11-year-old is crazy, especially when we’re out in public.

“A lot of people recognise her.”

And Adalia receives a really positive response from her fans who regularly call her ‘beautiful’ in the comments section of her videos and say how inspirational she is to them.

Her dad said: “Everytime she hears those things, it makes her really happy.”

Her mother said: “My favourite part about being her mum is watching her grow and seeing how different she is from everyone.”

Her father added: “It’s just seeing how she takes on everyday and learning from her as well.”

Her parents said they would describe her as a wild one, stubborn, determined, driven, courageous, and crazy.


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