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Single Mom Graduates With Her Baby After Taking Exam During Labor

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This woman didn’t just graduate from Harvard Law School – one of the reputed institutions, but did so in her own way. She took up her final exams while in labor, which was a difficult task as she was a single parent.

However, Briana Williams, faced every challenge and became an inspiration to many, who find excuses to escape from responsibilities. Nearly 2 years into her course, she became pregnant.

She shared her story after the graduation and recollected all her struggles during the time, including the time when she went in labor while taking her final exam for Family Law.

She sought an epidural when she took the test to avoid her contractions from interfering with her grade. She eventually gave birth to baby Evelyn in 2017. She also said that she wasn’t sure of making it.

“It was hard. It hurt. Instagram can make peoples’ lives seem seamless, but this journey has been heart-wrenching,” she wrote.

Baby Evelyn accompanied Williams to her Law School classes. Briana then accepted her Juris Doctor Degree with her 1-year-old daughter.

From an unknown student, she turned out to be an inspiration to people around her. “I did well that semester. Every semester I did really well,” she said.

“There are some things in life that happened to us that are unfortunate but we shouldn’t let external circumstances dictate how we use them to move forward.”

Apparently, she is now preparing for the bar exams in July while working for the litigation department of a major firm in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, she also had a message for her loving daughter:

“They said that because of you I wouldn’t be able to do this. Just know that I did this BECAUSE OF YOU. Thank you for giving me the strength and courage to be invincible. Let’s keep beating all their odds, baby.”

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