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Man Pays The Price For Lifting The Snapping Turtle Out Of Water

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Michael Ganley didn’t know he was in for a shock when he was out fishing with his pal Victor Sanchez. They encountered a turtle on the edge of the water and lured it with bait, when it finally reached them, he picked the creature out of water.

The creature was clearly not happy to come out of the comfort zone. He proceeded to hold it with the shell towards him and treat it like a dog, scratching its belly, clicking his tongue at it and says “who’s a good boy.”

However, the snapping turtle gave a fitting reply to the man who taunted the poor turtle, as it bites his nose.

“I had my phone out trying to get slow motion videos of the snapping turtles in the water,” said Ganley after the incident.

“Of course they’ll eat anything. I cut the barbs off of a fishing hook and caught a small sunfish. Then dangled it in front of a turtle and caught one.”

It wasn’t as if he hadn’t been warned either – his friend, Victor Sanchez, can be heard off camera saying “Dude, that thing will take your f****** finger off.”

The snapping turtle are known for their neck speed. In the water, they avoid conflict – so perhaps Mr Ganley might have been better off if he’d just left the creature to its own devices and not gone out of his way to wind it up.

Watch the video below:


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