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Unbelievable! Diver Hypnotises Giant Shark And Does An Incredible Thing To Rescue The Creature

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The amazing video shows a scuba diver hypnotising a shark using hands in order to remove a hook from its mouth. The act flirts on the thin line of stupidity and bravery, however, he does it flawlessly.

When the shark approaches him, he just holds a hand out dangerously close to the shark’s mouth before gently grabbing the gigantic animal’s snout and moving it around.

Leigh Cobb, takes control of the shark, Emma, at the Tiger Beach, a resort in the Bahamas. Of course, Leigh isn’t actually hypnotising the shark, he is inducing what is known as a state of tonic immobility.

Apparently, it is a common act and puts the shark in a temporary state of inactivity and it occurs in quite a few animals.

Anyway, the diver must be applauded for his presence of mind and courage for putting his life on line and doing such a thing.

Watch the video below:


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