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Man Makes A Promise To Dead Stray Dog After He Was Disappointed With What People Did To Her

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An amazing man was moved to see three puppies sitting beside their dead mom by the side of the road. Disturbed by what he saw, he promised the dead stray dog that he would take care of her babies and he did.

Gaia was an abandoned dog in California, when she gave birth to three adorable puppies. Luckily, two kind ladies did check on her and puppies for three months. However, when they couldn’t track Gaia, they contacted Bill Foundation, an organisation dedicated to rescuing dogs.

The Bill Foundation asked Hope For Paws for assistance to rescue the animals, and in turn, they would find homes for them.

When Eldad Hagar arrived at the location, he found the pups, but the mother was nowhere in sight.

“I kept looking back to make sure the mom wouldn’t sneak from behind to protect her puppies,” he stated.

While he waited, a person informed him that Gaia was dead after getting hit by a car. When Hagar went to the spot, he was upset to see the mother lying on the side of the road, lifeless.

“I told her I was sorry people did this,” Hagar shared. “I promised her that I would save her babies.”

Now, he wanted to get hold of the three puppies. The first one, Sydney, was easy to catch after being lured with food. But, her cries scared the other two and they both ran deep inside a well where Hagar could not reach them.

“At this point, the other two puppies were really scared, and wouldn’t come out of the hole for two hours,” Hagar wrote.

In desperation, he brought Gaia’s body and placed it near the well hoping they would come out, which Matilda did. The last of Gaia’s pups, Gabriella, was much harder to catch, and Hagar waited at least another four hours before he could.

Luckily, now the three pups were safe and later adopted into forever homes, just as Hagar and the Bill Foundation promised.

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