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Hilarious! Boyfriend Runs Away After His Lover Catches A Bride’s Bouquet

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Women love when they get hold of the bride’s bouquet as it is considered a sign of good things coming their way, including the marriage.

However, in this hilarious video, the man starts run away after his girlfriend catches the bride’s bouquet. The man was seen running after realizing he might be the next to get hitched.

In the footage, he can be seen legging it moments after newly-weds Chelsea and Matt Best tied the knot in Kettering, Northants.

But, looks like the man wasn’t pleased after his girlfriend, Rachel Besley, did her best to get hold of the bouquet. Clearly overjoyed, Rachel jumps for joy until her boyfriend, Daniel Gilbert, decides to run for the hills.

Nevertheless, it lighted up the atmosphere and surely it would give you some good laughing moments. You can watch the funny video below:

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