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Tom Hanks Sends Post-Card To Teen Because She Cannot Travel Due To Leukemia

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Here’s yet another story which shows why Tom Hanks is the darling in Hollywood. The inspiring actor’s gesture towards Aspen Kelly, 12, is certainly the one to behold.

The little girl was diagnosed with leukemia in 2017 and she was ruled off from travelling because of her condition. However, the spirited young girl, whose birthday was on September 1, asked her Facebook friends if they would send her postcards from around the world so she could travel virtually through them.

“I thought it would just be a bunch of Mom’s reader and author friends,” she told.

However, she gets more than 200 postcards, and gifts, every day, including one from Tom Hanks himself.

The actor sent Aspen a card from Greece with the sweet greeting: “Aspen, I hope this arrives in time for your happy 13th birthday! Love you!” He signed it himself in his own writing and included a selfie to vouch for its authenticity.

“I didn’t expect it — I feel thankful,” Aspen added. “I just don’t have anywhere to put them all.”

Watch the video below:

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