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This Dad’s Reaction Is Funnier Than The Actual ‘Dad Jokes’

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Father’s can be naughty and outrightly hilarious at times and this dad proved just that. Dad jokes just keep coming and people are never tired of them, but this dad himself couldn’t stop laughing at a dad joke, after he failed to tell a ‘Dad joke’ out of his new book.

The moment was luckily captured and shared for all of us to see and it is totally worth it. He was literally laughing after every single word.

The dad just couldn’t end the joke and kept laughing before ending his joke. He composed himself, regained his control, but nothing helped as he continued to laugh.

Meanwhile, his male companion also couldn’t resist himself from bursting out, despite not knowing what was the joke about, that was the kind of impact this dad had.

The audience will perhaps never get to know what was the joke, because the man just kept laughing uncontrollably.

Now, just watch the video and enjoy it:

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