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Soldiers Reaction After Seeing Female Army Captain Collapse Is By Far The Best Thing You Will Be Seeing Today

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Being an army isn’t just about wearing the dress and being disciplined, there’s a lot of struggle and sacrifice behind every soldier that goes unnoticed.

In this video, you will see an amazing strength and will power of US Army Captain Sarah Cudd of Public Health Command, Fort Knox. She was one of the 46 candidates to earn the Expert Field Medical Badge, an honor given to military medical personnel who complete a set of grueling written and physical tests.

The final part of the test includes tough 12-mile road march, in which candidates are tasked to complete a tactical foot march within three hours, all the while wearing their extremely heavy fatigues and carrying a large pack and rifle.

Cudd, who collapses near the finish line refuses to give up and drags herself to complete the task. Meanwhile, the soldiers around her cheer her up and encourage the woman to push harder.

Watch the amazing video below:

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