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Brave, Courageous Woman Sees Off 6-Foot Alligator With Her Bare Hands, Before Calling 911

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Felicite Gillete, 24, homeless woman in Florida, almost lost her arm when she was attacked by an alligator in a Florida lake.

“I was about waist deep,” she told in an interview. “I was wading in there, and next thing you know, this mouth was just clenching down on my arm. He bit me, and then he let go, and then he latched onto my arm and started like moving his head back and forth.”

Since she is homeless, Felicitie was taking bath in the lake when the horrifying incident took place, which she views as a message from God.

“I feel like God’s trying to tell me something, and I should probably listen to him,” she said. “I could’ve died; it could’ve taken my arm off. I feel really lucky that that didn’t happen.”

She said that the incident was a sign that she needs to “to get my life right.”

Watch the below video to know more:

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