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Awesome Teacher Transforms Classroom Into ‘Harry Potter’ Fantasy World

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The students of third graders of this school are currently the luckiest of them all and they would never trade anything for their classroom. Well, why would children give up a ‘Harry Potter’ world for anything else.

Tressa Mellow Bargella is a third-grade teacher at Valley View School District in Archbald, Pennsylvania. She made her students literally enjoyed learning experience and therefore decorated her classroom as if it was set in Hogwarts.

She started to work on the classroom in late July and her Instagram account reveals the journey. All the little details were addressed and made sure they were right.

She shared the photos on social media and admitted she was exhausted but happy with the end results.

She said: “I am COMPLETELY DRAINED but it was worth it. I honestly lost track of how many hours it took me but in the end, I spend more time here than at home some days and it is now my happy place. Hope my new little wizards love being inside my Hogwarts walls as much as I do!”

Not only students, she revealed that a parent was pleased to see the change. The parent said that their daughter loved it and never wanted to come home. The place is more special because the teacher’s son also happens to be a third grade student.

Nevertheless, I am sure the kids will absolutely love to learn in such an atmosphere. Great work by the teacher indeed!

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