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Dad Plays An Embarrassing Prank On His Son As He Hides 12-Inch D**** In Suitcase Before Check At Airport

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This dad has definitely taken the prank level a notch higher after placing a d**** in son’s suitcase just before the bag check at the airport.

Ted Anderssen, from New Orleans in Louisiana, hid the item accompanied with a tube of lubrication. The clueless son was shocked when he was stopped at the baggage check and an assistant pulled out the toy in front of other passengers and staff.

However, the father was seeing the lighter side of the story and even posted the video after filming the son’s reaction. The caption read: “When you plant a 12-inch dildo and lube in your son’s carry on. Priceless.”

The video shows Ted’s son waiting as the baggage check assistant goes through the luggage. She pulls out his sleeping pillow and a clear plastic bag meant for liquids – and that’s when the son gets his first glimpse of the sex toy.

He immediately turns to his companions with a look of embarrassment on his face. Ted and his playful companions cannot hold back their laughter any longer.

Even the airport assistant can’t keep her cool as she also fights to hold back her giggling.

She says to the son: “Look at you, you don’t know what’s in your bag.”

A very embarrassed son eventually makes his eye contact with the camera and says: “Assholes.”

One of his more remorseful buddies then approaches to give him a hug and at that point he clocks onto how his dad managed to sneak the rogue toy into his bag.

He says: “That’s why you all wanted me to go and smoke a cigarette.”

But it’s the baggage assistant you have to feel sorry for – she was only doing her job after all.

The dad sees this and can be heard saying to her: “Sorry for wasting your time, ma’am,” as she is then left to repack the son’s bag.

Watch the video below:

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