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This School Bathrooms Have Motivating Quotes Thanks To These Girl Scouts

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We all know what to expect in the walls of school bathrooms and it is not something worth of mentioning. However, you will be happy to know that this school has some motivating stuff for students.

While their classmates and friends were having fun during the summer vacation, these six girl scouts – Sophia Shafer, Caitlyn Sieg, Eliza Arguello, Rachel Thomson, Madison Thomson, Madison Graves and Louis Prince – were thinking to inspire their fellow students.

The gang also known as Troop 4664 narrowed down on an idea after brainstorming session. They decided to paint motivating quotes on walls of bathroom as students visit the place most often than not.

“We thought a great idea would be to maybe help our old elementary school,” Eliza said.

They painted messages like “You are brave,” “Good vibes only,” “Dream, Strive, Become,” “Drive with purpose,” “You are enough” and “be humble and kind.”

Sophia said: “Sometimes people have self-confidence and motivation to keep going and keep pushing, so we thought it would be good to help people early on in their life to be motivated and self-confident.”

“It’s like, you should always be kind to people even if they’re not nice to you,” Rachel said about what one of the quotes mean to her.

“I think my favourite quote is ‘Broken crayons still color,” Caitlyn shared.

According to Madison, the project was totally worth it, even though it was an expensive affair.

Louis said: “Maybe somebody is upset, or something happened at home or at school, and they see that quote maybe it will boost their confidence or their happiness … When people think about Girl Scouts, they most stereotypically think of cookies, but we are much more than that. We like to inspire the people, make people’s day better and this was perfect for us a troop to prove that.”

That’s some work, Troop 4664! Keep it going.

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