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Rival Teams Come Together To Help Boy In Wheelchair Score A Touchdown In A Heart-Touching Scene

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It’s a perfect story to promote sporting culture and humanity in large. Two opposing teams let their differences rest for a moment that touched people’s heart. The only goal of both the teams were to help a boy in a wheelchair score a full-length touchdown.

The amazing incident took place in East Hickman, Tennessee. The actual match was played between the Eastman Hickman Eagles Minors and the Fairview Minors.

It all started when one of the Eagles players handed the ball to Dwaine of the Fairview Minors. Within a few moments both the teams worked together to help the boy score a touchdown.

Dwaine suffers from Cerebral Palsy and has been using wheelchair to move around. Meanwhile, the audience got into the act and shouted ‘Go Dwaine!’ as the kid made his way across the field.

The cheers went loud as the referee called the touchdown. The boy also received high fives from the crowd.

Watch the amazing video below:

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