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Personal Trainer Dresses Up As Spider Man And Meets Sick Children Just To Light Up Their Day

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The world definitely needs more people like Ricky, who spends his valuable time to cheer up sick children.

Ricky Mena suffered from anxiety and PTSD, but found solace in making other people, especially the children happy. He struggled finding for a job before becoming a personal trainer. Though, he is successful now, he feels he needs to something else in his life.

He found the purpose in life and that was to make people happy.

He recalled: “She (Ricky’s grandmother) put her arm around me and told me she has something to show me. She proceeded to walk me towards an old school looking to reel to reel movie projector and turned it on. A huge movie of Spider-Man walking towards a children’s hospital shot in the sky. He walked towards a children’s shot in the sky. He walked through these doubles doors and on the other side was thousands of kids lying in bed, hooked to hospital tubes, IV poles, and more. He began swinging around bringing them joy through jokes, toys, and taking pictures. The kids’ faces lit up when he got to them! In confusion, I looked at my grandma and asked her what all of this had to do with me. She looked at me very seriously and said, ‘That IS you, and when you wake up, that’s what you’ll do.”

He took his dream as a sign and right away looked for Spider-Man costume online. Since then he has never looked back.He enters the hospital as a regular man and transforms into a Spiderman in the bathroom of hospitals. He has even started his own non-profit organisation called Heart for a Hero.

He says: “Holding children as they take their last breaths. You’ll never feel more vulnerable than you do in that moment. Every other difficulty in life, I’ve been able to shake and move forward. But this? It’s something I’ll never shake, and I’ve come to terms with it. My life is theirs, and the journey goes on.”

Paying visits to terminally ill children is his passion. He has officially been given permission to visit by four hospitals.

However, the non-profits are up and down financially. He even had to sell his car to come up with money to survive and continue being Spider-Man. But he says he will never be giving up and is relentless to share the stories of these children.

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