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Awesome Principal Installs Free Laundromat At School After Students Were Targeted Over Dirty Clothes

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Teenagers cannot tolerate bullying and they always want to be a part of the pack. Additionally, there is also the humiliation in social media, which unfortunately has been taken way too seriously by people.

Luckily, students in a New Jersey high school have a sensible principal who made a wise a decision before bullying got worse. The principal saw students being bullied for their dirty clothes, and their attendance dropping.

Akbar Cook, the principal of West Side High School in Newark, then decided to install a new laundromat in the school. He was not happy with the fact the a few students being looked down because of the circumstances.

Many of his students were humiliated since they had no clean clothes to wear. Some of them even took pictures to continue their harassment on social media.

However, the new free laundromat will hopefully will end all this unnecessary bullying in the school. “These are kids, good kids who want to learn, that are missing three to five days a month because they were being bullied because they were dirty,” Cook said.

Cook discovered a PSE&G grant from a foundation associated with one of Newark’s utility companies. He also managed to get $20,000 in funding from the Foundation and with that money he converted the football locker room into a laundry room, complete with five washing machines and five dryers.

The facilities are free to school and it is of huge help to some kids, who are homeless and have no way to wash their clothes.

Once the news spread, the local community decided to contribute by donating laundry detergent and dryer sheets through the school’s Amazon wishlist so that they could do their laundry entirely free of cost.

Watch the video below:

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