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45 YO Software Developer Attempts Deadly Stunt From One Of The Dangerous Mountains

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Alberto Tagliati, a 45-year-old software developer from Milan could have settled for a decent and safe life, but the daredevil in him woke up his wild side, which took him straight to one of the most dangerous mountains in Europe.

He took a leap from the Eiger, a mountain in the Bernese Alps in Switzerland wearing only a wing suit. He said that in order to make the jump he had to be “extremely focused”.

Wingsuits are specially made for this sort of thing and feature flaps of fabric between the legs and attaching the sleeves to the body. This allows the wearer to effectively fly at great speeds, whilst being able to control their altitude and descent in such a way that allows them not to splat against the mountainside.

Upon landing, he said: “I couldn’t contain my excitement after looking down at the impressive view below me.

“I jumped off the mountain and spread my arms and started flying forward toward the west flank of the mountain.

“Jumping off the Eiger is always a rewarding experience for me, first I have to overcome my fears and hike up a steep mountain for more than 4,600 vertical feet to reach the exit point, then once I am geared up and ready to fly, I feel free and extremely focused.”

The mountain stands at a cool 13,015 feet tall and overlooks several other impressive Alpine peaks. It’s north face is regarded as one of the most difficult climbs in the world.

Anyway, congratulations to the daredevil stunt, and a salute to his courage.

Watch the video below:


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