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Man Develops Awesome Floating Bicycle To Get Rid Of Plastic Garbage From Rivers

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Plastic has become a huge issue and countries all over have started to ban the thing after realizing the dangers. However, the bans are not enough and it is important for people to voluntarily stop using them.

Dhruv Boruah was not happy after hearing the story of turtles getting tangled in plastic and decided to address the issue. He designed a specialized bicycle that can tackle the issue. The bicycle has attached yellow float and fishing nets.

He wants to make the rivers and canals in London to be clean as possible. His unique solution is indeed of great help and the approach has gone viral.

He said: “It’s a great conversation starter, and then I can tell them about my work, the plastic, and how it all starts here in the canals.”

He has kick-started a campaign called the Thames project to “make everyone aware about the dangers of plastic pollution and inspire them to take action.”

The man who used spend 14 hours a day in front of a screen as a management consultant, added: “But then I asked myself, ‘when was the last time I saw a star? Are my eyes made for the stars or for the screen?’”

That was it, he started to spend some time for the betterment of environment.

“Plastic is now in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. You have to care because it’s about you, your health, and the health of your children. Why are we destroying this planet for them?”he said.

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