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Pizza Lovers In Japan Can Now Get Their Favorite Food From Vending Machine For 24 Hours A Day

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Japan has always been in the forefront when it comes to the technology and now they have put it in use in pizza delivery to people.

People in Hiroshima can get fresh pizzas from vending machine for 24 hours a day. The vending machine gives access to the takeaway throughout the day. It offers two distinct varieties of the private-sizing dish: vintage Margherita for about $8.85 and 4-cheese for $11.56. It consists of fresh out of the oven pizza.

The vending machine was an instant hit among buyers who were curious to try it out. Customers have to just place their order and wait for five minutes before taking it away. The pizza is dispensed in a takeaway-style box with its own pizza cutter and a plastic bag.

Pizza self is well placed in front of a video store. Happy customers took to twitter to share their experience. One said, “It has blue cheese on it! It’s pretty legit!” and they also added that the pizza “betrayed their expectations in a good way.”

Even though the location has Domino’s and Pizza Hut, people are lining up in front of Pizza Self because of its different experience.

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