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Old Man Gets Thrown Out By His Nephew, Luckily Ends Up Meeting 18 YO Girl Who Helps Him Restart His Life With The Support Of Social Media

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A little kindness can indeed go a long way in people’s life. That’s exactly what happened to this homeless man, whose life is about to take off again thanks to some support from a stranger.

Violetta Nikolskaya entered Anatoly’s life in a perfect time when he was just about to give up. Anatoly led an ordinary life – he just about made it with a job and lived in a cozy apartment with his mother and wife.

Unfortunately, things changed when two most important women of his life passed away. He lost the will to work and desire to live.

Anatoly’s nephew moved in with him. But after meeting a girl he wanted to marry, the nephew threw his uncle out on the street without any arrangements. He had to come out because there was no extra room for him anymore.

The old man then found shelter in old and poorly maintained hut that his pension could afford for three years. As luck would have it, even that pan out according to the plan as the building was a target for demolition and again he ended up on the streets.

That was not all, he even suffered from stroke in July 2018 and a stranger called the ambulance. After a week’s treatment, the doctors decided to discharge him. When he told that he had no place to go, the hospital said it was not there problem.

Clueless about what to do, he sat helpless and that is when Violetta and her friends saw him and the girl from Perm, Russia, went to him and realized his struggles.

She immediately turned to social media seeking help for the old man and luckily it was a huge success. With the help of people, she was able to rent him an apartment and also bought him required stuff.

The young lady who calls him Uncle Tolya is planning to take him for a small trip or go fishing when he fully recovers.

Meanwhile, the man is planning to undergo a full medical exam to make sure he is completely fine. Violetta is also helping him to renew his pension.

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