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Funny Dad Becomes The Darling Of Internet After Hilariously Trolling His Daughter’s Engagement Photo

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A couple in Nevada, Levi Bliss and Allison Barron have been seeing each other for over two years now. Levi decided to finally propose and dropped on his knee. Just when things started to get romantic, a twist in the tale made everything hilarious and robbed the limelight away from the couple.

It was Allison’s dad Jake who held a big sign with two words written – “Say No.”

The couple had no idea of his presence as he waited for them on the top of the hill. He wanted to be a part of their engagement in a funny way.

According to Allison, Jake pulling a stunt like that just shows that he treats her future husband as part of the family.

She said: “This is really just my dad’s personality. We have a very close family and so he’s made little jokes like this before.”

The bride-to-be clarified that even though he totally photobombed their engagement pics. He was just messing around and has no bad blood whatsoever against Levi.

Allison posted her engagement photos on Twitter and captioned it “My dad had other ideas…” and it immediately took internet by storm. The post attracted numerous likes and retweets.

Allison said in an interview:

“You always see little things like this blow up on Twitter and now it’s me. It (has) also been one of the best days ever, so I really get to just keep reliving it!”

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